Inkscape problem with ponoko templates

I was trying to draw a face plate for my electronic kit with inkscape so I had my eyes on the exact size of things. Here's what I was confused about:

I used the rectangle tool to draw a box. The rectangle tool says one size, and then I select the box, the selection says another size. This is not the bounding box problem I found on this forum. I am talking about the selection tool saying a number 1.25 times bigger than the rectangle tool says. My 75*31 box on selection tool is 60*24.8 if I use rectangle tool. The ruler and mouse location display are consistent with the selection tool number.

Both selection and rectangle tools are on mm too.

In doc properties both default and document size are using mm units. I don't know why the difference. I'm using a downloaded template:


All templates have the same 1.25 scaling problem. I tried to start a new file and after some fiddling with units I was able to get all measurements to agree
So what file property could have made the 1.25 scaling? Since ponoko.com is in business for quite a few years, I trust their templates to be fine but why?

I'm using win32 version of the latest download ver 0.48

Thank you!


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