3D Printing with Sculptris

Sculptris is a supercool free sculpting tool. You can download it here from Pixologic.

Much like ZBrush, Sculptris is a solid-body sculpting tool. Since it has an export function, we can use it for 3D printing too! Unfortunately at this stage we don't yet support OBJ files, so there's a couple of easy hoops you need to jump through to get your design ready.

First export your sculpt as an OBJ file:


Then you'll need to open up Meshlab, to convert the OBJ to STL. You can download Meshlab here.

The Meshlab Part is super easy:

  1. Open the OBJ file you exported from Sculptris
  2. Save it as an STL file.
The final step is to open it in netfabb to set your scale correctly. You can download Netfabb here.

NOTE: If anyone knows how to do this in MeshLab (and therefore eliminate this last step) I'd love to hear it!

Open up your new STL file in Netfabb, and hit F5 for Platform Overview:


Make special note of the L x W x H dimensions, as well as the volume. You can then use the scale tool: scale.jpg to scale your part to the size you want.

Once you're happy with the size of the part, just right-click it and choose Export part - as STL (Binary).

Then you can upload the file to Personal Factory, and you're done!

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    Nicky David Pratt

    Thank you very much! 

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    Thank you for taking the time to write this up! Very helpful. Makes my life so much easier.

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