How to Make Your Own Custom Ring in Autodesk 123D - Part 2

If you missed out on Part 1 then go here.

Add Dimension!

So far we’ve gone through the basics of what can quickly be made in 3D, but let’s take it further into making the 3D shape less two dimensional.

The Chamfer tool more or less adds an additional plane in place of an edge.

Create>Chamfer The program will prompt you to select the edge you want to Chamfer

Once selected the Precise Input box will appear. In the photo below I’m trying out a 1mm chamfer, which creates a new corresponding plane 1mm wide. You can type in different numbers before hitting enter to get a preview before committing.

Now for the other side. Left-click on the viewing cube and drag it around in order for us to edit the other side of the ring.

Using the Fillet tool to add rounded edges. Choose the edge you want to round out.

From the toolbar go to Create>Fillet

I put 1.5mm in the precise input box, if you want you could also slightly round the edge on the interior of the ring for comfort.

This is useful in jewelry, so that a piece feels nicer in every day wear, but also great to not have other products/parts feel as abrasive when handling.

Feel free to play around with the FIllet and Chamfer tools on all edges until you get the look you want. You might want to save a version by going to “Save As” from the upper left corner dropdown, just in case you don’t like a change and can go back to the last version.

Adding Cool / Weird / Fun Geometry to the Top of the Ring

Go to the Browser area in the upper left-hand corner.

Right-click on the top item and choose “New Component.” This will make it easier to move and edit each part of the ring separately before they’re combined.

From the viewing cube go to the TOP view.

We’re going to draw a new shape. Make sure in the Browser to the left the new component is highlighted.

In the toolbar go to Sketch>Draw (hold down Shift and drag the point when you want a rounded area) or, if you prefer a less angular top Sketch>Spline. Draw your shape. Keep an eye on the Snap Bar ruler in the lower right to make sure you’re not making your shape too small/fragile.

After drawing your shape go to the perspective view by clicking on the little house near the Viewing Cube.

From the toolbar go to Create>Extrude and make the shape three dimensional.

Then go over to the Browser on the left and choose the Solid from that menu so that it’s easier to move into place.

Once you choose the solid in the Browser a little pill-shaped menu comes up, and you from it choose the Move/Rotate/Scale option.

A manipulator will appear and so move the shape to lay on top of the ring you’ve already made. Make sure the two shapes intersect so they can be 3D printed as one piece.

Using the manipulator I dragged the shape upwards, then went to the Viewing Cube to the Front view to better gauge where I wanted it to intersect the main ring. You can also go to the Top view to make sure it’s placed where you want it.

Now is the time to Fillet/Chamfer/move/adjust the top shape. You could always add pre-made shapes on top by going to Primitives in the toolbar and choosing a shape.

When you have all aspects of the ring figured out then Save As and save a new version, then go to Create>Combine in the toolbar.

Choose all pieces you want to combine and press Enter.

Now your model is ready for export!

*Note that due to upgrades and integration with Autodesk's website you now need to be logged in to export to STL. It's a free account and you can download some free editable files from the site once you have one as well as have the option to share your awesomeness with the 123D community. Some programs charge to allow STL export, so it’s not a bad deal just to do a quick signup. You can sign up from within the 123D program by clicking on the word Gallery in the very upper right-hand corner of the program.

But after you log in just go to the upper left corner of your screen and “Save As.” From that drop-down menu choose to save as an STL, or a WRL if you have added color (find my how-to color 123D tutorials in our tutorial section)

Save the file somewhere on your computer that you’ll remember and head on over to your account!

Upload the file by going to My Ponoko Account>My Designs and Add a New Design.

Remember to stay on this page and add more designs if you have more than one design or multiple of the same design in different materials.

After it’s uploaded then you’ll be able to find out the price in all our materials, make an order and get that 3D object in your hands!

If you have any questions just click the “Ask Us” button to the left of the Ponoko page.

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