Why does my 3D order look like it's stuck?

The way we print 3D printing orders, is in batches - to get the fastest turn-around and the lowest cost, we try and print as many designs as we can in one build chamber.

As a result, the order progress guidelines tend to all go at once - right at the end.

If you're worried that your order may be taking too long, first check the Making Time on on the materials page. If you click on each material, you'll see how long it typically takes us to produce the part on the right hand side.

Please remember: If you have had to make changes to your design, this making time will start from when we've received the modified design files.

If your order has passed "Materials ready to make" and is waiting on "Making in progress", chances are high that we're working on it right now, and it isn't far away!

If you're nearing the edge of the Making Time period and your order hasn't moved past "Design files ready to make" - or you're otherwise concerned about your order - please get in touch with us either with the "Ask us" tab, or by emailing service -at- ponoko.com. Be sure to include your order number!


3D Service Team

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