Designing a snowman ornament in 123D: Part 2 - Add a hat, pipe and color

It’s now time to add optional decorations to your snowman. I’m going to add a hat, a pipe, some suit buttons and a ring at the top to hang it from.

Then I’ll add COLOR so I can print it out in Ponoko’s Rainbow Ceramic and have it ready to hang on my tree practically right out of the box (have a piece of string or ribbon ready!).

The Top Hat
Go to Sketch>Draw and place your hat-like lines, making sure to connect the last point with the first point.

Bring your hat into the 3rd dimension by left-clicking Create>Extrude

Go to the perspective view (by clicking the little house in the top right-hand corner)

Drag the hat out until it looks like it will sufficiently cover Mr. Snow’s head (or he might catch cold.. ha..).

Once it’s 3D you can now drag it around to center the hat from the side and/or front view. Go to Press/Pull>Move/Rotate/Scale then use the arrows to move the hat around.

If you want to add a little pizazz to the snowman’s torso then you can add on some buttons.

Click Primitives>Sphere and place and size little buttons along the front.

The Pipe
In no way does this mean I’m for or against pipes, but it is very Frosty the Snowman  :)

After clicking Sketch>Draw make sure the beginning of the line starts at the bottom on the mouth and hold Shift when drawing the rest of the lines to make sure they’re all drawn on the same plane.

Extrude all areas of the pipe, either at the same time or seperately. First Create>Extrude and move the arrows forward. I suggest around 1mm.

Then choose the area of the pipe that’s not on the mouth and extrude it again backwards, preferably intersecting the snowman for at least 0.5-1mm, this will make the pipe more sturdy when 3D printed and you won’t end up with a sad snowman with a broken pipe.

(*If you just wanted a standing snowman and not an ornament you could create a box by going to Primitives>Box and drawing a box at the bottom where you want a flat area for the snowman to balance on your desk (or wherever) and then go to Create>Combine and choose Cut as the combining option. This will create a flat bottom for your model, but be sure to also combine all other parts as illustrated in a couple of steps.)

Make it a hanging ornament
To make it a hanging ornament you just need to add a place where you can put a string or a ribbon through.

Go to Primitives>Torus. I put the radius as 1.3mm since 2.6mm diameter is likely sturdy enough for a small object.

Go to Move/Rotate/Scale>Move/Rotate/Scale

Center the torus so it nicely intersects the rest of the model by using the arrows

Combine everything before export
Before exporting your model and before adding color first Combine all parts.

Go to Create>Combine

Hold Shift to select all areas to combine.

From the pill shaped drop-down menu select Join. Press Enter.

Left-click on the part you want to color. Then right-click and go to Material.

Select your color. The outside color wheel has the general color and the interior has the different variations of that color.

Right-click to add the color.

Don't right-click to add the color until the exact area you want colored is highlighted. If you accidentally color most of your model don't worry, since only the parts that don't yet have other colors assigned will be affected.

Once you’re done just click on the upper left corner of the program and choose Save As then select WRL as the type of file. Remember where you save it to.

Upload your model to your “My Designs” section on Ponoko. Make sure to upload your snowman in mm from the drop-down menu. Put in your shipping and billing info and in just about 1-2 weeks get your magical snowman! (Disclaimer: magic may or may not actually be there).

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