Designing a snowman ornament in 123D: Part 1 - The basic snowman

Create your very own Snowman Decoration /Ornament in Autodesk 123D

Put together your virtual snowballs
First off, since we’re making something that’s small zoom in so that you can see millimeter increments in the Snap Bar (ruler). Make sure the Sketch Grid and Precise Input buttons in the lower right hand corner are on if you don’t want to do everything freehand.

Go to Sketch>Circle

Create a few snowman-like circles. Generally this means a smaller circle on top, a larger one under that, and an even larger one under that. Since Precise Input is on, then you can specify how large you want each circle (ie the snowman head 10mm tall, so put the radius as 5mm). Press Enter when done.

Go to the toolbar and click Create>Extrude

Hold down the Shift key and choose all areas you’d like to Extrude (pull into the 3rd dimension). At this size I extruded my model 5mm to make sure it’s thick enough so I can round out the edges later.

To make this more snowball shaped I’m going to round out the edges.

Go to Create>Fillet and hold down Shift to select all edges.

For the radius of the fillet I put in 2mm, which rounded out the corners nicely. You can also do this on the back of the snowman to have the whole piece look more rounded.

Time to Add Eyes and a Mouth
Go to the front view and start sketch an eye and mouth shape on the flat part of the face by going to Sketch>Draw (for angular shapes) Sketch>Spline (for rounded curves)

Don’t start drawing until you move the mouse around the face and see that the flat area is highlighted.

Now to make those features 3D go to Create>Extrude and hold Shift to choose more than one feature. You can either make these features stick out or you can make them sink into the model.
I chose to have the eyes stick out about 1mm and the mouth sink in about 1mm.

You can put the exact measurements in the Precise Input box, or can just use the arrows and do it freehand.

Sometimes 123D assumes you’re done with the sketch you were using to extrude, so if it for example turns the mouth sketch off after you extrude the eyes then just go to the upper left hand corner Browser and turn the sketch back on and extrude the remaining feature(s).

Carrot Nose
*Keep in mind the longer the nose is the less likely it will stay intact after printing. It’s a good time to reference the snap bar (ruler) before you determine the thickness and length.

Now that the snowman has eyes and a mouth, it’s time for a carrot-like nose. Go to Primitives>Cone

Put the center of the cone wherever you’d like, adjust the diameter when prompted, then pull the cone out. You may have to switch to perspective view to pull the nose out to where you want it.

Later on I actually went back and made the nose a little shorter to survive handling and shipping by going to Press/Pull>Press/Pull, selecting the little circle at the tip of the cone and pulling it closer to the face.

Go to Part 2 to add a Hat, Pipe and Color!

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