Use Autodesk 123D for FULL COLOR 3D printing with your Personal Factory

I was wandering the universe of 123D as I often do, and there came moment when I went to save a file where I realized the file format WRL (aka VRML) was on the Save As drop down list.

The significance of this?  We accept WRL format at Ponoko, but only for files that contain color information for Rainbow Plaster prints. (I think the format has been around the past couple of releases, but I never quite processed the connection). So, I open up a 123D model, start coloring it area by area, save it as a WRL file and order a print. I made sure to actually 3D print a piece out before I wrote this, just in case I was imagining things.

Keep scrolling down to learn how to color your 123D models!

If you also need help with some basic modeling of course you can either take one of my Live Webinar tutorials or forum post on basic modeling.

How to add color and save as a WRL / VRML using Autodesk’s 123D

1. Select the area you want to color.

*Note that this only works on native 123D models, not models imported into 123D.

Hold down Shift to select more than one area to color at once. Right-click and choose Material.

2. Make sure Visual is selected. It will have the color wheel displayed.

Choose the color in the color wheel. Choose the brightness and saturation of the color in the inner portion of the wheel.

3. Save as WRL / VRML

4. After you save it, just go to your Ponoko account, My Designs and Add a New Design. Then upload it, choose Rainbow Plaster as the color, and then it starts its journey into existence!

Here’s a link to more details on our Rainbow Plaster material:

It of course doesn’t hurt AT ALL that Rainbow Plaster is also one of the cheapest 3D printing materials we have.

You can have pink hearts, green clovers, rainbow.. well rainbows! Not to sound too much like a Lucky Charms commercial, but color in 123D equals a lot of potential for some very colorfully (literally) creative 3D prints. Jewlery, scale figurines and whatever else you can think of.

As usual, at Ponoko we go the extra steps to help you achieve 3D printed awesomeness, so if you need help seeing if your models are printable just email them (service at ponoko dot com) over to us.

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