Autodesk’s 123D Beta 6 is here! Awesome updates, these are my favorites

Here are my three (technically four) favorite updates in 123D Beta 6:

Previously the only ways to put text on anything was to import text and jump through hoops to get the letters to position correctly or to actually draw the letters manually.

Now with the text function you just go to the top toolbar under Sketch>Text

Then you position your starting point, choose your font, style (normal, bold or italic) and text size, and there you go!

*Pay attention to the thickness of the letters so they can print out clearly, different 3D materials have different detail levels that they can achieve depending on thickness. It might be safer to do most fonts in Bold.

I put some text on top of a box. As usual just select the parts of the text you want to extrude (aka pull into the 3rd dimension) by going to the top toolbar Create>Extrude and selecting the areas. Hold down shift to select more than one area to extrude.

Then either pull the letters out or put in the precise units you’d like to use.

Press Enter or right click and choose OK.

Text is great for customizing things. I mean just look how awesome this plain old box looks with my fancy text on top!

Grids and Grid Divisions
These two updates will make it much easier to make pieces that need to be exact.

They’re pretty self explanatory, but pretty much there are now grids on more than one plane. This is especially useful if you’re modeling in the Home view, which is at an angle.

The Grid Divisions make it so you can change how exact your grid is to use to snap points to or to use as reference. If you’re making something small having the divisions set at 1mm is very handy.

2D Sheets for Professional Looking Presentation

Go to the 2D icon at the right end of the top toolbar then choose Add 2D Sheet

When you’re in the sheet right click and choose Insert View. Choose the size, the viewing angle, and how you’d like to see it (ie realistic or wireframe). Then click on the green check mark.

If you don’t like the size or style it’s viewed in you can just redo it.

It’s a great way to show people the different angles of your model in a professional manner.

More Please!
To see more 123D Beta 6 awesomeness go over to 123D’s download page ( and take a look at the What’s New Document and/or the What's New Videos.

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