Making 3D Clock Hands in Autodesk’s 123D - Part 2 - More of the 3rd dimension

Your clock hand is now in the 3rd dimension, but still flat.
Go back to the top view. We’re going to draw on top of what we have to make the clock hand even more multi-dimensional.

First though, we need to do a couple things that will make things easier in the long run.

Go the the upper left hand corner to the Browser list. Right-click on the top item and choose New Component. While you’re in there also go to Sketches>Sketches and click on the eye icon. There will be an X over it, which means the initial sketch is now invisible.

Make sure the new component is highlighted when you start sketching again.

Go to the top toolbar and go to Sketch>Spline

Draw points on the clock hand. Make sure points start and end in places that intersect edges or corners, this will make the top of the model sectioned off and separately editable.

Choose a section at a time and go to the top toolbar Create>Extrude OR if you left click on the area you’d want to extrude it will give you a little menu right near your arrow with some of the functions that are available.

Once you’ve extruded the amount you want, either press Enter, or right click and select OK.

After extruding the first section the sketch may turn itself off automatically. To go back to the sketch and extrude the rest go to the top left and in the Browser, find the sketch that’s turned off and click on the eye icon to get rid of the X over it.

I extruded the middle section of my sketch to 2mm high, the middle pieces 1.5mm and the side parts 1mm.

Now it’s definitely 3 dimensional, but I still want to tweak it to add more interest.

I’d recommend going back to turn off the sketch when you’re done using it so it won’t get visually confusing.

If you want to curve/smooth some of the edges go to Create>Fillet in the top toolbar.

If you want to move some of the edges go to Press/Pull>Move/Rotate

*If it gives you an exclamation point near the bottom right, that generally means that the curve you’re trying to make isn’t mathematically possible with current geometry.

You can also just click on an edge and it will give you options in a little pill shaped menu.

Just play around with these options, and whichever other tools you’d like to try out until you get your desired shape. You can always undo commands by going to the upper left hand corner near the saving icon and clicking on the icon that looks like a back arrow (pointing left).

After tweaking as desired, then upload it to your Designs section in your Ponoko account and it’ll start it’s journey into a real psychical object!

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