Using netfabb Studio to check the volume of your 3D printing STL files

Netfabb Studio is a great tool for checking, editing and repairing STL files for use in 3D Printing.

Click here to download netfabb Studio Basic.


We recommend you use netfabb Studio to check and repair your STL files before you upload them for 3D printing.

For more detailed instructions for using netfabb Studio, check out our forum post here, or the netfabb Wiki here.

Setting the scale:


You will need to scale your design so it is in millimeters. For example, if your file is in inches, use the scale tool here:

Type in the multiplication factor to scale your file to millimeters. In this case,

1 inch = 25.4millimeters:


Use this table to work out the scale factor for other units:


Scale factor







Check the volume

Click the Platform Overview button, or press F5

Check the Volume

Your design needs to be at least 0.25cm³  to make with plastic materials, at least 0.8cm³ to make with Stainless Steel or Gold Plate and at least 1cm³ to make with plaster materials.


That's it! If you have any other tips or recommendations, please add them below!


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