Strength Guideline

Many designs are technically possible to 3D print, but they will be very weak structurally, and while we take as much care as we can, they can break during the handling and shipping process.

Use this basic guide to help you adjust your designs to prevent breakages and disappointment!

Guideline for Superfine Plastic, Rainbow & White Plaster, Durable Gloss, Stainless Steel & Gold Plate parts:

Try to keep the height of your features under 3x their width or diameter. For example, a cylinder of 4mm diameter should protrude no higher than 12mm or it increases the chances of it being broken or damaged.

Guideline for Durable Plastic and Durable Fine plastic parts:


Durable Plastic is a bit stronger, so try to keep the height of your features under 4x their width or diameter. Parts which stick out horizontally are stronger than parts sticking out vertically, as the bond between vertical layers is not as strong as the bonded powder on the same layer.

Remember, this is only a guide. Your results will vary a lot depending on your individual design - you could get away with a more fragile part if it was shielded by another strong feature, or if you had a filleted base. Conversely, if you have two large parts connected by a tiny bridge, this would be much more likely to break.

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