How to use Sketchup for Ponoko 3D printing

A guest instructable by Ed Lewis.

Ed Lewis, aka Fungus Amungus created an all-around fantastic Instructable for using Google SketchUp with Ponoko 3D printing and in the process won our 2010 Google + Ponoko Challenge.

In the Instructable, Lewis walks you through 7 easy steps to go from a simple cube in SketchUp to a 3D printed, level-3 Menger sponge. (Shown below in Ponoko's durable plastic.)

When asked what he likes about SketchUp, Lewis answered "I like that I can quickly jump in and get a 3D rendering of an idea out in a few minutes. For getting an idea across to someone, it often takes less time to make a model than it does to describe it verbally. You can quickly move on to the stage where you're trying out several different variations, which is great because that's the fun stuff.

I've tried a couple of other 3D programs and they're pretty amazing, but for my purposes SketchUp is my go to program. Having a free version means I can share ideas with anyone else in the world. I can push a project as far as I want to, put up the file, and then see someone else take it even further. That's awesome."


Check out his complete "How to use Google SketchUp for Ponoko 3D Printing" instructable for the full guide.

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